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Jan, 2016

Supporting and mentorship activities on how to use Financial Management Information System (FMIS) at each Capital-Provincial Treasuries

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On 4th till 8th January 2016, FMIS project management team, including officials of  IT Department ( functional teams, technical team), officials  of GDNT, and contractor team, joined together to go to 4 Capital-Provincial Treasuries such as Phnom Penh, Kandal, Battambang  and Pailin Treasury in order to support and mentor the FMIS implementation. In order to achieve this mission, the joined teams decided to separate the capital-provincial treasuries into many small groups and arranged the teams into small groups for each destined province following the plan. The main purpose of this mission is to support FMIS system so that the system would be implemented successfully at provincial treasuries. To achieve such a task, the joined team had to coordinate, instruct and guide the end users on how to use FMIS system by supporting them to gain better understanding and ability to use the system. The teams mentored the officials by asking them to use their daily task and put into the FMIS system. Although the team faced many challenges, the result of the implementation of the first 4 Capital-Provincial Treasuries is well-performed, including the following:

  • Officials of IT Department and officials of GDNT co-facilitated the process relating to the aims and objectives, facilitated collaboration between the working group and the officials of Capital-Provincial Treasuries.
  • Functional team participated to mentor the officials how to use the system, and checked the relevant documents that are needed to enter into the systems (General Ledger, Budget Allocation, Account Receivable, Account Payable, and Cash Management). During that period, only 3 Capital-Provincial Treasuries including Phnom Penh, Battambang and Pailin, received some transactions so the teams asked the officials to put into the system instantly. In addition, the teams also helped collecting data for Data Conversion to enter into the system. However, the teams encountered some problems such as interruption while using system (slow speed, security matrix was not fully applied), no enough documents and transactions to input in the system, officials were not really clear regarding their roles in the FMIS system, and they were very busy to record simultaneously the remaining tasks from previous year (in Excel, KIT, and Web Portal).
  • Technical teams completely installed printer and instructed the officers on how to use the printer, to check and solve problems of computer system, to check the network connection (internet and network) and coordinated with functional teams. Additionally, the teams also guided the officials on how to use Help Desk so that the officials could send any challenges and issues that may be encountered while using FMIS system, along with the introduction of important procedures for security protection, maintenance the equipment and materials, electronics nut.

In conclusion, the joined teams and officials of the Capital-Provincial Treasuries worked closely with each other to support the FMIS implementation and received an appreciated result. However, due to time limited, overloaded task, and some challenges as mentioned above led to unsuccessful 100% as the joined teams had expected. As a result, the end users requested that all relevant parties to continue supporting and mentoring more so that officials would be able to use FMIS system successfully in the near future. Last but not least, after completing the first mission, the ITD teams conducted an internal meeting on the weekend to find better strategies to handle the issues for the up-coming missions in the following weeks.