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Jun, 2014

Senior Management Meeting on “Discussion on To-Be Business Process for FMIS”

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On June 12th, 2014 at 3:00pm, at Ground Floor Meeting Room of MEF’s building D, FMIS Management Working Group (FMWG) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) convened a senior management meeting on “Discussion on To-Be Business Process for FMIS” under the lead of H.E Dr Aun Pornmoniroth, Minster of MEF. There were senior management of MEF, key General Directors, and many members of FMWG had joined this meeting. The main objective of the meeting is to present one of As Is Business Process, which has the longest steps to the senior management in order to receive recommendation for the To-Be Business Process design for FMIS. As a result, FMWG obtained some recommendations from senior management. Specifically, the Minister had recommended to FMWG Senior Management of MEF, Head of relevant General Departments and Departments, and General Secretariat Steering Committee (GSC) to take action as follow:

Among the three options that FMWG has developed, the Minister chose the third option for guidelines of the To-be business process design for FMIS implementation, meaning that each business process in the FMIS will have two steps: Add (Input data and Information) and Confirm (Approve), to ensure the implementation of FMIS in Cambodia in 2015 is representative of international good practice. Some manual processes such as checking and approving that do not add value for MEF will continue to be performed outside of the FMIS system and will be rationalized by MEF management, General Departments and Departments, and General Steering Committee Secretariat.

By choosing this option, heads of related departments need to participate actively with the FMWG team, particularly General Department of National Treasury and General Department of Budget, to discuss and design the To-Be process for FMIS and work on preparing a clear change management plan about function and capacity building for both FMIS users and non- FMIS users. Furthermore, high consideration and attention on To-Be process design links to the preparation of budget entity and budget programing and on relevant tasks which give timely inputs based on the demand of FMIS contractor and FMWG. The senior and decision making-authorized officials have to participate and not delegate to junior officials to participate in FMIS work.

FMWG must conduct as many workshops as possible on the To-Be process design and change management with heads of related General Departments to make sure that relevant departments are well understood on the To-Be process for FMIS. The team should also continue to put a focus on change management strategy more broadly to other line Ministries beside MEF to understand about change management and the To-Be process of MEF in order for them to prepare and pay attention to the reform, thereby assisting in implementing PFM (Public Financial Management) successfully.

The meeting finished at 5:30pm and was fruitful as expected.