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Dec, 2014

Two-day demonstration on FMIS system

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Business Process Team of FMIS conducted the demonstration of FMIS system for the MEF project working group on 13-14, November, 2014 at Information Technology Department meeting room, Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The objective of this demonstration was to provide working group with visualization on how the system will be worked, based on some scenarios which cover only master and core transactions. This Demo also offered a great opportunity for the stakeholders to raise questions, discuss and provide comments on each demonstration part. The comprehensive understanding, feedback and comments of team are the most important input for preparing for the further demonstration

The demonstration attracted the team members from General Department of National Treasury, General Department of Sub-national Administration Finance, Information Technology Department, and General Department of Budget. The World Bank’s representative also joined the workshop.

The FIS-LG CNS΄s experts demonstrated each functions based on their specialty: General Ledger (GL) and Budget Allocation (BA) module presented by Mr. Manas Kumar Mohapatra; Purchasing Order (PO) and Account Payable (AP) module presented by Mr. Pradeep Kumar Vaila. Cash Management (CM) and Account Receivable (AR) module presented by Ms. Siew Lin Koay.

For the demonstration, the team was introduced to be familiar with FMIS system firstly, know how to do transaction process and have understanding of each module of FMIS.

About GL: The working group got to know the definition of chartfields, sample combination editing rule, group enabling at the ledger level, combination values. They also knew how about configuring the chartfields, loading some chartfield sample values, making transaction for the journals, cross checks to the ledgers, posting to the actual ledger; building different ledger inquiries with Account; Account and Administration; Account, Operating unit and Administration combination.

About BA: The working group understood the definition of budget control, budget journals, approval framework for budget journal processing. The Instructor showed the participants test cases of budget journal creation, budget journal adjustment entries, budget journal transfer posting budget journal to the budget ledger; making different analytical review for the budget journals and budget ledgers

About AR: The working group knew How to create new customer (customer name, address, contact person, contact number, attachment…), to make transaction for deposit, to generate the deposit accounting entry, and to define the posting action and posting process.

About CM: The working group understood how to create new bank, bank branch, bank accounts; transfer fund from one bank account to another bank account; fund transfer accounting entry in CM and post to GL.

About PO: The working group knew the definition of the item in PeopleSoft of FMIS, how to create the requisition, Purchase Order, Receipt in PeopleSoft of FMIS; how to update the item, check Budget for the Purchase Order in PeopleSoft of FMIS.

About AP: The working group understood definition of supplier, how to update supplier, create the regular voucher, the manual payments, and define budget checking and posting & accounting entry in PeopleSoft of FMIS.

The demonstration completed as plan.And the working group understood the objective of demonstration. The working group had an overview of FMIS system process, how to access in FMIS, FMIS screen, knowing the main business functions of FMIS and understanding the master data of each module. Such demonstration has been expected to have since 3 months ago to get the working group have a clear view of the to-be business process design. After, this demonstration, all working group’s members will be able to conveniently continue reviewing on the to-be business process document for the FMIS system as well as able to disseminate, share and convey to their colleagues and General Departments and departments’ leaders on how FMIS looks like and its operation in terms of change management framework.

According to the plan, at the beginning of this December, the Business Process Team will continue conducting the 2nd demonstration. The next demo will cover in detail core transactions (enhancements and reports).

Please download demonstration materials